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22 June, 2021 - Life

A Letter to my Married Friends

Dear my married friends,

One day, a dear friend asked me a question “What would be your best advice for your married friends?”

It has been years since the passing of my late husband. It has been years since I knew how it feels to be married. It was q . . . . .

22 June, 2021 - Healing

A Letter to the Broken

Dear the broken, 

Growing up, I used to be a "collector" a.k.a a hoarder. I used to "collect" things; candy wrappers from . . . . .

19 June, 2021 - Motherhood

A Letter to my Fellow Raisers of Fatherless Children

Dear my fellow raisers of fatherless children,

The days haven’t been easy, in fact sometimes it feels like the days are getting harder. There are days when you wish your husband was around to take the role of a dad for your children. There are days when you worry and wonder how the kids are going to turn out without the presence of a dad. Let me share a short story that touched my heart deeply.
. . . . .

14 June, 2021 - Healing

A Letter to my Grieving Friend

Dear my grieving friend,

In June 2011, my life turned pitch black when my beloved husband died. It took me a whole lot of courage and strength to meet a new person. Maybe you feel the same too right now, so here I am writing you a letter. 

My heart is bro . . . . .

12 June, 2021 - Healing

A Letter to You who are Tired

“If you can't fly then run,
if you can't run then walk,
if you can't walk then crawl,
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear you who are tired, 

Those days are still crystal clear in my mind. The days when I wished the earth could pause for a little bit. Wait, let me catch a breath, is this for r . . . . .

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