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31 July, 2017 - Purpose


Women of the Nations (WON), was birthed in 2007, a ministry appointed and anointed to Gather,  Equip and Mobilize (GEM) women to carry out God’s command to “Disciple” (gather and equip) and to “Go”(mobilize). (Psalm 68:11)

As an alumni of Haggai Institute (HI), I would like to quote the heartbeat of HI.. “HIS LAST COMMAND, OUR FIRST PRIORITY. . . . . .

31 July, 2017 - Purpose


I would like to share a message written on a gift card for me last Christmas. This Christmas message touched a chord in my heart and led me to read this heartfelt message at least five times, yet I do not tire reading it all over again.

              “Ms. Grace,

12 December, 2016 - Purpose

Do not Quit

“For surely, you have a future ahead of you; your hope will not be disappointed.” -Proverbs 23:18 (NLT)

I had on some occasions been tempted to quit due to trials in the form of conflict (usually involves others grating against my character) or crisis (situations that I cannot control) or isolation (being set aside for a time) or betrayal/rejection (painful . . . . .

12 December, 2016 - Purpose

3 Things I learned about Following God’s Calling

Choosing a life that follows God’s calling isn’t an easy path. It is perhaps one of the most difficult paths you can choose to take in life. But, on the other side of it, this is the most rewarding, fulfilling and joyful adventure you can ever choose for your life to take course. I have made that decision since a few years back, and here are 3 biggest things I’ve learned throughout my journey:

12 December, 2016 - Purpose

A Little Too Late

I think it’s a gift for all of us to come to a point where we have a dream, we have a vision of how we want our future to look like, and we just can’t seem to shake it off. It’s like that black stain on your white t-shirt that you can’t seem to wipe. And to some extend, it’s almost as if these visions and dreams are both good and bad. It gives us a reason to live.

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