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01 July, 2021 - Motherhood


Dear my fellow single moms,
I have never dreamed of becoming a single mom. Yet in the blink of an eye, I became one. In June 2011, I became a widow and a single mom of three young children. Terrified, angry, disappointed, broken and hopeless, I was. For all my life, I have dreamed of raising a healthy, happy and whole family, so when the reality hit, I had to make a choice to stand up for the children and the days to come. 

19 June, 2021 - Motherhood

A Letter to my Fellow Raisers of Fatherless Children

Dear my fellow raisers of fatherless children,

The days haven’t been easy, in fact sometimes it feels like the days are getting harder. There are days when you wish your husband was around to take the role of a dad for your children. There are days when you worry and wonder how the kids are going to turn out without the presence of a dad. Let me share a short story that touched my heart deeply.
. . . . .

12 December, 2016 - Motherhood

Motherhood at Rest

When I became a Mom, I loved my Mother more, I understood my Mother more, I honored my Mother more, I kissed her more and hugged her more. In my quiet time with God, I always remember my Mom, who is now 86 years old, with so much love and thanksgiving. To me, Mothers are a tremendous gift from God.

"A Pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an inju . . . . .

12 December, 2016 - Motherhood

The Road of Single Parenting

I questioned God, "How can I raise them alone?" right on the first day of my grieving journey. I mourned not only for the death of my beloved husband but also for my children's days ahead. I was drained to empty and had nothing left to offer. I was clueless and did not know what to do. I bargained, plead, and asked God to somehow give me a vision of the days ahead.

The . . . . .

12 December, 2016 - Motherhood

Not a Super Mom

I tried to be one
I thought I had to be one
It was exhausting
Losing my mind
Losing my joy

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