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31 July, 2017 - Healing


I have written an article “And Jesus Wept”, and this article was an inspiration from John 11:1-45 when Jesus wept for the death for His best friend, Lazarus. The Holy Spirit had revealed a wonderful and powerful revelation of Jesus, weeping over us.

In John 11, Jesus wept over us for our freedom. However, the account in Luke 19:41, showed Jesus wept over His nation, Isra . . . . .

31 July, 2017 - Healing


One morning, during my time of prayer and meditation, the Holy Spirit dropped this phrase in my heart … “AND JESUS WEPT”.

For the Holy Spirit to drop this phrase strong in my heart meant there was something important that He would want to reveal to me and suddenly an account flashed in my mind when Jesus wept and it was when He wept for the death of His best frien . . . . .

12 December, 2016 - Healing

Walking Through the Valley

In my earlier years as a Christian, when a challenge hit my life, I find myself saying, “Lord, why is this happening to me?” However, as years progressed and I learned to behold more of Jesus through His Word, I find myself saying, “Lord, this battle belongs to You”, whenever a crisis or a challenge face me.

David wrote, “Even when I walk&n . . . . .

12 December, 2016 - Healing

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Melissa Breyer, an author for “Healthy Living”, shares what happens physiologically and psychologically when a person laughs. Here are just a few things it does:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood

12 December, 2016 - Healing

When You Have Enough to Crawl

Those days are still crystal clear in my mind. The days when I wished the earth could pause for a little bit. “Wait, let me catch a breath, is this for real?”  Everything seemed so surreal. My husband just died and everything else crumbled before my eyes. 

Waking up before sunrise every morning, I wished I could go back to sleep and sleep for a lo . . . . .

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