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11 May, 2021 - Life

When You Feel Nothing

“When things don't go the way you want them to,
sometimes instead of feeling disappointment or heartache,
you just become numb.” 

― April Mae Monterrosa

The day I lost my husband, I cried myself to everything.
I cried and cried and cried until one . . . . .

05 May, 2021 - Life


“I do feel that too”
- a letter to the grieving children 

Hey, you might not know me and I might not know you 
but we have something in common to share,
we both lost our parent(s).

04 August, 2020 - Life


Last month I found this plan in my bible app titled “gradual goodbye” by Welby O’Brien. When I read it, it took me back to what our family had to fight through up to last year. The lost of our dad has made this part, ”the gradual goodbye”, felt insignificant, hidden, and buried deep under; but in fact it is not, the messy middle between the start and the end of something is where . . . . .

05 June, 2020 - Life

A girl with a small heart.

Love, a four lettered word that sound so simple yet so complicated.
It’s one of the hardest concepts that I have to face and struggle with in life, yet.

Growing up, this is my understanding of love.
If you do as expected or more, then you are loved.
If you do . . . . .

31 July, 2017 - Life



Life is full of dramas. It is inevitable. We are in the world and there is an enemy like a roaring lion seeking whom he can deceive or devour.
A classic example is the life of King David...full of astonishing dramas! These scriptural scenes are an amazing eye-opener . . . . .

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