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04 August, 2020 - Life


Last month I found this plan in my bible app titled “gradual goodbye” by Welby O’Brien. When I read it, it took me back to what our family had to fight through up to last year. The lost of our dad has made this part, ”the gradual goodbye”, felt insignificant, hidden, and buried deep under; but in fact it is not, the messy middle between the start and the end of something is where . . . . .

05 June, 2020 - Life

A girl with a small heart.

Love, a four lettered word that sound so simple yet so complicated.
It’s one of the hardest concepts that I have to face and struggle with in life, yet.

Growing up, this is my understanding of love.
If you do as expected or more, then you are loved.
If you do . . . . .

31 July, 2017 - Life



Life is full of dramas. It is inevitable. We are in the world and there is an enemy like a roaring lion seeking whom he can deceive or devour.
A classic example is the life of King David...full of astonishing dramas! These scriptural scenes are an amazing eye-opener . . . . .

28 July, 2017 - Life


I think when people began to ask about my day-to-day schedule, they found themselves in a difficult situation to respond. Because I spend my Monday nights hosting a Bible study for teens, Tuesday and Thursday nights at the gym, Friday nights packed with our weekly youth service all night long, and some Saturday nights preparing for Sunday’s service. So my only free weeknight is basically Wednesday. People’s typical response would be: “Wow, you’re pre . . . . .

28 July, 2017 - Life


The simplest way to identify the person in charge is by looking at a team structure. You go to the very top and see whose name is put above the rest. The one with the title: Boss, Coordinator, Director, Chief, Team Leader, and so on. You know what I mean. I knew that to the world, a good leader has vision, charisma, good management skills, and all that. But I used to think that for the most part, being in one of those positions mean that you assign jobs for other people and . . . . .

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