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01 July, 2021

My Beloved
You're my beloved, you're my bride 
To sing over you is my delight 
Come away with me my love 

Under my mercy come and wait 
Till we are standing face to face 
I see no stain on you my child 

You're beautiful to me 
So beautiful to me 

I sing over you my song of peace 
Cast all your care down at my feet 
Come and find your rest in me  

I'll breathe my life inside of you 
I'll bear you up on eagle's wings 
And hide you in the shadow of my strength 
I'll take you to my quiet waters 
I'll restore your soul 
Come rest in me and be made whole 

You're my beloved, you're my bride 
To sing over you is my delight 
Come away with me my love
-Kari Jobe

Dear the ones who feel unseen,
When our hearts are broken and hurting, it's easy to feel rejected, abandoned, and unseen. Through the lens of rejection, every gesture from people around us can easily turn into something negative. And we would fall into the dark pit; “I am not important”, “I am invisible”, “Everybody matters but me”, “I am the worst of all”.

I know it because I've been there before and it feels like a nightmare. It felt really lonely whether when I was in the midst of families & friends who deeply care about me or when I was alone. It was a constant battle in the mind and it started to ruin my relationship with self and others. Until I realized that it has always been my distorted view and it’s never about God and others or what they have done to me. God has never done anything wrong to me, to my children, to my dream, and to my life. The day I chose to take off my lens of rejection was the day when I realized that God has seen me through the season and He will continue to see me. . 

Friends, our Father in Heaven wants you to know that He sees you. He collects your tears. He understands your struggle. He cares about your dreams.

you are His beloved, you are His bride.
you are beautiful because He says so, not because the world said so
you can come as you are before Him, no pretense, because He sees you not your stain
you don't really need to world to sing for you because He sings over you
you don't need to be strong because His strength will carry you
you can always rest and come away with Him.

you are not rejected
you are not abandoned
you are always seen

With love,

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Written by
Felecia Wong

Felecia Wong is a widow, single mother of three, counselor, writer and entrepreneur. She is devoted . . . .

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